Our company is focused on HW and SW development. Here are some of our products:

DPA Communication Framework

DPA Communication Framework was designed as a SW plug-in library for processing data from MICRORISC IQRF® DPA wireless communication network. This framework combines a libraries for low-level communication with USB device, implementation of communication protocol used by DPA system, and for realization of upper system layer for DPA peripherals, wireless nodes and network coordinator management. This layer structure with a DPA protocol transport interface makes this solution universal for wide usage across different wireless network applications and provides fast and simple solution for Microsoft .NET developers.

DPA Protocol

DPA Protocol library is a part of the DPA Communication Framework which is available for downloading in the NuGet distribution system. DPA Protocol library handles complete management of the IQRF packets according to the IQRF DPA protocol specification.

Environment Monitoring System

EMS presents complete data processing chain for environment sensor measurement system based on the IQRF wireless communication platform. System is composed from battery powered sensors with our custom HW design. They have an external digital temperature, light, humidity and pressure sensors, and LCD display. Measured values are wirelessly collected by IQRF Gateway with an application based on .NET Communication Framework for IQRF. IQRF gateway runs on Raspberry PI 3. Collected data are sent via Web Services to Web Server which is operated in Microsoft Azure Cloud where are processed and visualized on ASP Web page. Users can access to the Web page from their smartphones, tablets or PCs regardless on used platform or OS by an available Internet browser.