We aim for above-standard client satisfaction

That means we approach each project conscientiously, throughout the entire project – from the identification of needs, through the design, and to the launch into serial production.


We developed electronics for Bluetooth connectivity with mobile phones and smart watches as well as created SW solutions for the Moto Surf World Cup races. This system enabled tracking and recording of the position of competitors in real time and precise measurement of the driving time of each bike.

WITTE Automotive

We created SW for Automotive ECU according to AUTOSAR standards, including the complete development, programming, and verification of HAL. We also created a UML model in Enterprise Architect, code verification according to MISRA in QAC. Software testing was performed with TESSY.

MSR Engines

We developed and produced electronics for internal combustion engine control as well as created SW to set the parameters of the control unit, a diagnostic unit to connect to a PC, and developed SW for engine emissions control using the EGT sensor.


Thank you for your trust

Software development

We developed program modules for saving data from Bluetooth diagnostics to an SD card as well as created a SW module for working with the file system and using it to record diagnostic data from Bluetooth diagnostics to an SD card.

Improvement of hardware - electronics

We collaborated on HW electronics solutions and optimized the layout of components on manufactured printed circuit boards to reduce production errors and minimize complaints.