We offer premium services to both big customers and small

We are a technology-oriented company focused on the development of hardware and software for microprocessor-controlled systems, programs for personal computers, and internet applications. We keep ourselves up to date on the latest trends, technologies, the World Wide Web, and Industry 4.0, and we apply this knowledge to solutions for our customers.


Debugging processes and solving problems

Debugging processes and solving problems

Debugging processes and solving problems

Using our experience from development companies, we have perfected processes both in project management and in HW and SW development itself. We do not undervalue the planning phase of a project where we can fully outline its requirements.

We conscientiously develop schematic designs, printed circuit board layouts, and software. In the prototype phase, we fine-tune the product so that it is ready for the transition to serial production. We’re aware of the importance of documentation in all phases of the project.

Radek Kuchta
& Jaroslav Kadlec
Debugging processes and solving problems

Thinking is our daily bread

You start by describing your problem to us in full. We ask a lot of questions to get on the same page, and you end with a fine-tuned product that satisfies all your requirements.

Analysis and proposal of the best solution

As a team, we discuss all possible solutions and together choose the most appropriate one. We present it to you, and after your approval, we begin development.

Safe, on time, and no surprises

Communication is our foundation. Throughout the duration of your project, we will keep you updated about its status. Together we can prevent unnecessary delays caused by insufficient information.


Everything to world standards

We follow world HW and SW standards

We use Altium Designer for printed circuit boards. We design hardware in Altium Designer and bring it to life with precise power supplies, oscilloscopes, signal analyzers, power analyzers, and development kits we develop ourselves.

Access to current programs

We own licenses for Visual Studio software, MPLAB PRO compilers XC8, Atollic, and IAR. We use Azure DevOps, Mind Manager, and Enterprise Architect for software development.

Understanding of market tools

We deepen our knowledge through cooperation. Thanks to our customers, we’ve learned to work in Bitbucket, Vector CANoe, MULTI, TESSY, and JIRA.

Following SW standards is without question

During software development, we adhere to UML, MISRA C, AUTOSAR standards as well as ISO26262, required in the automotive industry.